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Why Do I Need A
Self Storage Feasibility Study?

You Have Identified A Potential Self Storage Project

A self storage feasibility study will help you assess the potential success of your self storage project.

Your Potential Self Storage Project Needs Financing

Most Lenders will require a 3rd Party self storage feasibility study in order to finance a self storage development.

You Need To Evaluate Your Market's Demand

A self storage feasibility study will review the competitive landscape of your market and help you assess the demand for additional self storage

What Will It Cost To Develop
My Self Storage Project

A self storage feasibility study will provide an estimated cost analysis of your project taking into consideration land, construction, and financing costs

What Will It Cost To Operate
My Self Storage Project

A self storage feasibility study will provide detailed financial projections for your self storage project.  These projections will review potential lease up, revenue, expenses, and debt service

What Are The Potential Returns For My Self Storage Project

A self storage feasibility study will help you assess the potential of your self storage project to meet your required financial return.

What Is Included In My Feasibility Study?

Executive Summary

Summary outlining your self storage project in detail.

Unit Mix

Project Facility Unit Mix including size codes, unit types, and projected rental rates


Review of potential debt service options and debt service projections for both construction and permanent financing. 

Market Study & Analysis

Analysis of all current and potential self storage competition in your market

Financial Projections

Full line item financial projections reviewing month by month cash flows and debt service analysis

Valuation & Return

Analysis of potential project returns and valuation.

Supply & Demand

Analysis of

Market Supply & Demand

Project Costs

Projected project costs including construction costs and additional development costs.

Market Demographics

Demographic analysis

of your project's market.


Let's Review Your Self-Storage Project..

Our Self Storage Feasibility Review is not some irritating sales pitch.  No, it's 1-Hour of actionable information to help you launch your self storage project.

We will take the time to review your self storage project, answer your questions, and give you valuable feedback.  Our goal is to assist self storage owners, operators, and investors with their self storage goals.  Let us help you. 

Oh And One More Thing....

If you schedule your Self Storage Feasibility Review, we will immediately send you our Free Report

titled 10 Things to Consider Before You Begin a Self Storage Feasibility Study.

This Free report will give you 10 points to consider before you begin the self storage feasibility process.  Don't be caught off guard.  Developing a self storage facility is an in-depth and time intensive process. Be prepared, schedule your Self Storage Feasibility Review today.

To schedule your Free 1-Hour Self-Storage Feasibility Review complete the form below and click "Schedule My Review"....

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